Here’s my first assignment from my scoring through technology class! I’m very proud of it and super pleased with how it came out. This is Build That Wall from Bastion, arranged for flute and piano!

The first two minutes of the video are basically just me talking about my process, about the song, etc. and being pretty nervous and excited as well as hopped up on coffee lmao. The actual song starts at 2:10, so please feel free to skip all my talking beforehand if you want!

Super special thanks to my friends Atticus and Lisa for playing for me, and Darren Korb for the constant inspiration and the song. 


                     LITTLE SOLACE PART 1

I absolutely love this place and those little creatures. I’ts a beautiful place <3

trickssi hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “kingcooldog hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “Today in voice I told…”

How…??? If you’re a solo artist, you should absolutely be having A say if not THE say in what you perform. Girl. I’m sorry you have to put up with this, it sounds like the worst, especially since you got her the job :/

I really should have some kind of say, but considering I got cursed at for trying to suggest some different genres for the recital I don’t really want to open up my mouth anymore lmao and yeah i regret suggesting the job to her but oh well  there’s nothing i can do now but work hard and hope i get approved for the spring

krazykitsune hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “Today in voice I told my prof that I didn’t really like the piece…”

Omg is this for your final performance thing?

this is for my senior recital yeah

"It’s a mystery is what it is! Saddle up, Three Amigos!”

kingcooldog hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “Today in voice I told my prof that I didn’t really like the piece…”

cait i dont understand how your school is constantly full of suck

idk either

trickssi hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “Today in voice I told my prof that I didn’t really like the piece…”

Um wow, talk about a mediocre teacher. Some people teach because they’re great teachers, but I believe this one came from the school of “If you can’t do, teach.”

see the thing is she was great for me back in high school when i needed the self confidence and expanding my range while being exposed to various types of solo music was good for me, when i got to college and started doing voice i had a different teacher who put me in the right direction, saying stuff like ok youre a mezzo, you sound really good in these kinds of songs and in this kind of range, this is where your voice sounds the best, let’s do fun stuff and also challenging things. We both picked music together. 

but she left, and i thought i would suggest the position to my high school vocal teacher since she needed more money/students and knows one of the professors here. but the problem is that she knows how i was back in high school and doesnt seem to realize that i cant really sing that high, at least not well, and also doesnt seem to realize that the applied music programs here are more of an exploration of music for yourself as well as learning.

This is all for my senior recital. This is my capstone. And she’s already picked everything out for me and I guess I don’t feel like it’s very fair.

Today in voice I told my prof that I didn’t really like the piece we’ve been working on, it doesn’t feel much like me etc and when I suggested other material than classical she told me that this was a classical program and when I tried to say that others have done broadway and jazz she cut me off and literally said

"Don’t give me that bullshit"

And told me basically I have to do this work hard on this and make myself enjoy it



I don’t think that’s how you piano..

i bet it’s rachmaninov



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god bless the men and women who died localizing this joke